About me

For ten years I worked as a buyer for various high street retailers such as Monsoon, House of Fraser and River Island. I loved my job – the travelling, the shopping, creating a range of clothing and then the sense of satisfaction seeing this selling in stores across the globe. It was in many ways a dream career until I had two children and realised that with such a demanding job, I would not be able to keep all the balls in the air if I also wanted to be there for my kids.

I didn’t want to walk away from all I had learnt and achieved over the past decade; so I decided to take a slightly different path and became a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant after after completing a Diploma in Personal Styling at the London College of Style. I still use so much of my experience as a buyer – the knowledge of fabrics and fitting these to a real person, building co-ordinating outfits, following the catwalks as well as knowing the brands that are out there and who they are right for. I am now lucky enough to combine these best bits of my old career with the ability to make a difference and help people feel confident about themselves and the clothes they wear.

As a buyer, I learnt how to create clothing ranges for a specific target market. As a stylist I use those same skills to create great style combinations for my individual clients, be they working mums or dads, someone shopping for a special occasion or starting a new chapter in their life. Being a mum, I also know first-hand how different you can feel after having a baby, how your lifestyle can change and how your wardrobe can feel totally wrong for your new life and then how daunting it can be going back to work again.

Let me help you find a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle for every day, whatever the occasion: let me help you find your style id.



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