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Black trousers: but not as you know them

I give up. It’s not about to become balmy and Mediterranean overnight so no more chat about maxi dresses, sunshine, pool-sides and holidays. Instead let’s get back to reality and to what we can actually wear in this vile and drizzly weather. I find I get to a certain point in the year and am bored of jeans because they are my uniform for 90% of the time but what else is there that will go with trainers and will work casually for everyday?

Enter the black trouser but not a suity black trouser – oh no what I am talking about is essentially a good old pair of trackie bums. Except the beauty about these is that they aren’t just for slobbing around in (or living in if you are my husband). Nope thanks to the catwalks, sports wear has a huge influence on fashion and so these joggers/track pants or whatever you want to call them now fall under the newly coined athleisure or sports luxe banners. A bit w**ky yes, but seriously comfortable, practical and you can pretend you are a sporty type without even breaking a sweat. Ideal.

ME+EM do a great slim legged Slouchy Jogger £58 (contradiction in terms surely?!) which looks very sharp paired with the stripey tee and box-fresh sneakers. Definitely not a hint of the gym here.



Another option is their Roll Top Lounge Jersey Jogger £59. Again a slim-legged number which is most definitely what you want.


Hush has a couple of styles. I have these Amie Joggers £45 in black but they also come in navy. As is generally the case with Hush – their sizing is generous but these are so comfortable and work well with a t-shirt and denim jacket.[1]

They also have these Long Hareem Trousers £49.50 in black as well as a whole host of colours.[1]

Topshop are obviously riding the crest of the sports-wear wave with their collaboration with Beyoncé but they also have some jogger action as part of their own collection. Cuffless Jogger £30 – for some reason this is only in Petite and Tall – and with the go-faster stripe down the side for extra fashion kudos. Remove the pineapple on the head for starters to reduce the chav factor. This outfit doesn’t do it for me but you don’t need to look like you are a teenager auditioning on X-Factor. Pair with a logo sweatshirt for Sporty Spice or a jersey blazer/lather jacket to be more Posh.


Their main range has these Side Stripe Joggers £30.


While Topshop appeals to the youth, Next is clearly going for middle England: Side Stripe Joggers £22. This is most definitely NOT what to wear with these. Twinsets and pearls are not to be mixed with an ultra-fashion sporty item. A simple tee or crew neck knit is the answer if you want to smarten it up. Heels with joggers fine, but with a blazer and never with a cardi. Hideous.


This look, however, is much more successful and shows how you can make jogging bottoms into an office ensemble: Utility Taper Trousers £35. It’s all in the fabrication as these are made from lyocell so much more slinky than a traditional track pant. (To be fair – I don’t love the brown jacket thing or bag but it gives you the idea).


And to finish, these from high street king Zara: Jogging Trousers £17.99 in the sale. These are basically trousers with some piping, masquerading as jogging bottoms.


Who says fashion can’t be comfy?



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