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These boots were made for walking

Ok  so last week’s post was a touch on the premature side as it’s not spring and isn’t going to be for bloody ages. So let’s forget about what we might like to wear but cannot, when all it is doing is snowing/bucketing it down. Instead, I am going to be practical and concentrate on the here and now (boo hoo) because all this miserable weather has uncovered a gap in my wardrobe: sensible boots.

I bought some snow boots the other day for our impending skiing trip and that got me to thinking – as I kept them on more or less the entire weekend – that I needed the fashion equivalent of a pair of nice, toasty boots. The thought of a trainer and bare ankle doesn’t bear thinking about and my other flat boots are being trashed by this weather, so what is needed is a hardier, but still good-looking, pair of boots. In years gone by, this would have been the Ugg, but they aren’t all that flattering – who wants massive tree trunks at the end of the legs? And they are useless in the rain. So what is out there?

Hush has a couple of options which are both luckily in the sale. These Shearling Lined Chelsea Boots £120 down from £160 would certainly keep your feet warm and dry, whilst looking the part. A great balance of smart and casual.[1]

For something chunkier, they also have this Shearling Dream Boot £160 down from £210. Now these would be able to take on the weather and the countryside without looking remotely Rohan/Trespass/Mountain Warehouse. I wouldn’t pair them with a dress/skirt. For me these are skinny jeans boots full stop.[1]

Also on the mountain boot and more masculine side of things are these Dune Raleigh Boots £72 in black down from £145. The grey are £58. These are skirting very close to the waterproof trouser line for me and so are possibly a bit too sensible but with skinny jeans and a nice oversized, chunky knit…. that could work.


At full price are these Rayner boots £135. Again another calf boot but more feminine than the other options.


I think what I am really looking for is a biker boot, ideally ankle not calf. This Jigsaw Rae Shearling Lined Boot £118 down from £169 is getting closer but there is limited stock.


And closer still is this Office Lam Lam Fur Lined Boot £98.


Now actually Ugg does have a good option with it’s Wilcox Boot £80 – half price in the sale. Water resistant and with a fleecy lining.


Seven Boot Lane has various fur lined options which are super snuggly and am sold based on this picture along, but outside may be a bit Eskimo? Gloria boots £160 which come in several colours – black, grey, tan and with some camo print.


They also have this Georgia Boot £95 in the sale which you can wear up or rolled down.


So in the absence of finding what I really want (and mostly regretting throwing out my knackered biker boots which would have been fine with some skiing socks), here is a totally different pair of boots from Mango which I saw out and about last week and which I like a lot: Stud Ankle Boots £49.99.


But back to the weather at hand and it’s a toss up between the Hush Chelsea boots, Office bikers or the Uggs. Unless you go down the Timberland route (my husband swears by his) but then that is probably a bit Girls Aloud in the early days…

Girls Aloud Timberland boots[1]



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