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So dry January is dull, duller than dull and I am still waiting to actually start feeling amazing and for the near-constant heachache to disappear – clearly a lot of toxins to clear out of my body… The real problem with a dry January is that it means that February ends up as busy and boozy as December. This is surely not the point of the detox – to be book-ended by two month long binges. But I am determined to do it to prove to myself (and my husband who has managed to do this for the past few years, while I have fallen at the first hurdle, or should I say opportunity) that I do have the willpower. Were it not for dreaming about a summer holiday and watching Netflix (currently binging on Narcos, which is amazing if you haven’t already seen it), I would like to fast-forward through this month – not very living in the moment I know. And being practically under social house-arrest is actually not that good for the bank balance because I feel a tremendous urge to spend what I believe I am saving. And first up on the SS17 wish list for me has to be a trench.

Now this is a spring trend you can buy into, because the trench is a definite wardrobe staple – something you should have for seasons to come. It might be a touch chilly to wear now – although layered up with some Uniqlo Heattech layers and snuggly cashmere jumpers and you may well just be ok. And just because it is January you can also snap one up in the sales. Double win!

Starting at the top end is a Jaeger Classic Trench Coat £225. Not super top end as Burberry’s offering is way over the £1,000 mark. Ouch.


If you want to make yours at the trend end of trench then go longer line and M&S’s Belted Trench Coat with Stormwear £129 is fab. It comes in the classic stone and a khaki. Style it with a pair of wide legged trousers and trainers if you have the height to carry it off.

Like this definitely doesn’t do it justice as it looks very austere and just a touch flasher mac. But don’t be put off as this is great in the flesh and you just need to imagine it like the ASOS style below. It is actually waterproof unlike most of these styles which you may look great in, but will leave you drowned rat-like at the first sign of a downpour.



Another good option is this ASOS Mac with Oversized Styling £80 which I very much like.


If you want to stay classic, then M&S has their Collection Belted Trench with Stormwear £45. It comes in various colours including the classic pebble as well as black and a rather lovely khaki colour which is in the sale.


Boden has this Abingdon Trench £150 which is timeless. It does also come in navy.


Under the £100 mark is Uniqlo’s beige Trench Coat £69.90.


Another good option is this Vero Moda Trench £42 which definitely works for dark-haired and skinned beauties.


Sticking with sale bargains now and Warehouse currently has its Clean Belted Trench £40 in the sale – half price. There is stone, navy and black. All very nice and a good length too.


They also have this Premium Trench Coat £70 – half price – in this very fashionable khaki.


Mango has this Double breast Trench £59.99 in the sale. I have a Cos wool coat that is in a very similar colour to this and I love it – more practical than the lighter colours and also more of a year-round option too.


So in the manner of Bridget Jones, alcoholic units consumed 0, trench coats in shopping basket….. hmmm a few.






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