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Fifty Shades of Pink

Ok so maybe you weren’t convinced by yellow, but what about pink?

Barring a fuschia pink dress that I have worn to so many weddings and parties and loved, I have more or less avoided pink for a long time because I was emotionally scarred by an outfit I had when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was the first thing I was allowed to choose myself and was an itchy, pink, wool sweater with matching pink, pleated kilt. That would have been fairly horrid on its own, but add into the mix that on the front of the jumper was a brown furry animal head with the words ‘Le Castor’ embroidered underneath. Castor means beaver in French. How did my mum think it was ok for 7 year old me to be walking around with a furry beaver on my front?

Now I think I am ready to move on and have gone and got myself a lovely pink sweater – minus the beaver I would hasten to add. This is from Gap – Cotton Marled Side Slits Sweater £34.95 in rosebush (oh dear there we go again – pink is never going to escape these connotations for me)


You can go a bit more coral with this Lotti Jumper from Hush £80.[1]

This is also technically not really pink at all, but is very lovely Coral Zip Front Detail Jumper £45 Oliver Bonas.


Or go fuchsia with this Linen V jumper Hush at £49.50. Both will look lovely with white, light and dark denim, grey, camel, navy…. a very versatile colour perfect for spring and summer.[1]

I like this Tipped Stripe Jumper £55 too and no need to worry about your colouring with this one either.[1]

Bit tenuous but this Scatter Star Tee £30 would do a spot of pink f0r the unconvinced.[1]

If you want to cover off several pink bases then this Check Scarf £45 would do the job.


Whistles has bags covered including this Suede Small Clutch £40. They also have a larger one with a chain: Rivington Clutch £80. But don’t forget the 25% discount with Grazia which is on until Monday 14th April.


A pink suede shoe (never ever go patent pink) will look lovely with denim, black trousers or with dresses for summer ‘dos’ and this Cornel Suede Point Pump £140 at Whistles is a goodie.


One pink that is very much out there, but that I am less inclined to go for, is a pastel pink. The key is to mix it with something harder so that the overall look is not too saccharine. So this Summer Cashmere V Jumper from Hush £120 works actually very well with the leather skirt. If that is outside your everyday wardrobe boundaries, then pair with some leather/coated trousers.[1]

They also have a Two Tone Cashmere Jumper £120 which is blush on the front and champagne on the back. Love this styling. Maybe pink is working its feminine charm on me after all.[1]

This Alpaca Mohair Cardigan from Zara £49.99 is a lovely piece for the spring to layer over your tees and with denim.


Why not swap your cream blouse for a pale pink one this season. Something you can wear casually with denim or styled with black trousers for the office. I like the look of this Cowl Collar Blouse from Topshop £34.00.


Another way to incorporate pale pink into your work wear wardrobe is with a blazer which would look lovely paired with black/navy cigarette trousers alike. ME+EM has this Topstitch Detail Blazer £185. The pastel trouser suit combo is for a braver, less red-wine drinking and public transport reliant person than me.


Whistles has this baby pink Single Breasted Coat £325 (there are only limited sizes available). I rather like this style and this is a colour that works beautifully with grey.


Alternatively, pink would update your classic trench and River Island has this one at £80 at ASOS. Another outerwear piece that will work for office and casual wear alike.



What I really do like though is a light pink shoe – sounds a bit grim when you say it – but these ASOS Finlay Leather Sandals £16 are lovely.


And so are these Mesh D’Orsay Shoes Zara £25.99. The perfect way to update your flats this season.


So with fifty shades of pink out and about, there is bound to be something for everyone. As an aside, if you are 3 years old and also love pink, then H&M is the place for you. It is a pink lover’s paradise but for bigger girls, don’t be put off by the sweetness of pink.



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