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Last week was a week of firsts – first day at big school for the biggest, first day back at school for 6 months for the middlest and most importantly first day back at the shops for me. Yipppppeeee! It obviously wasn’t quite what it once was given you can’t try anything in on in the majority of stores and I can honestly say I have never had cleaner hands thanks to the incessant sanitising at every turn which quite frankly is a good thing. But hearing shop assistants say ‘Stafe safe’ rather than ‘Have a nice day’ is very strange indeed.

But despite things going a few steps forward with the schools re-opening, we’ve gone several steps backwards and are still so far from life before Coronavirus. So what do you buy for this in between-y time when you’re probably still not in the office and are definitely at home way more than you were, big nights out are still a dim, distant memory and the park still forms a key part of every day?

Well one thing’s for certain, if you don’t have a good pair of trainers then now’s the time to get yourself set up with a boxfresh pair for the season ahead. Quite possibly this will be the hardest working, most worn item of any wardrobe, it’s worth having a couple of pairs in your locker. So putting your best foot forward for the autumn and all that, here are my top picks.

AND/OR Edie Star Trainers £85 John Lewis and Partners

Love these as they remind me of the rather more expensive Golden Goose brand at a fraction of the price. If you want something more jazzy then these Edie Star Trainers £85 in glitter are for you.

When is a flash of animal not right?! Answer – never.

Allie Animal Trainers £89 Mint Velvet

Allie White Animal Trainers £89 Mint Velvet

AND/OR Eddie Cheetah Print Trainers £89 John Lewis & Partners

I like the chunkier sole on this little number.

Florence Trainers £85 John Lewis & Partners


V is for Veja – ethical and sustainable, this is a brand that will make you feel good as well as look good.

Veja Esplar Leather Trainers £95 The White Company

Veja 3 Lock Logo Leather Sneakers £100 Net a Porter

V is also for velcro which I love on a trainer – no irritating faffing around with laces either tying them or stuffing them slightly uncomfortably under your sole. These come in metallic or plain white.

Palmer White Velcro Trainers £99 Mint Velvet 


The trend for a sportier trainer continues and while it is not as versatile and doesn’t work quite as well with dresses and skirts in my humble opinion, I am rather taken by these two as an alternative for wearing with a pair of skinnies.

Alina Spot Leather Trainers £109 Mint Velvet

Zadie White Chunky Trainers £109 Mint Velvet 

If you have any requests for things you would like me to look for in particular then please do get in touch and I can try to cover these on my blog. And if you would like more targeted styling, then do get in touch about either a Wardrobe Edit or Online Shopping session.

In the meantime, enjoy the little freedoms and keep all your fingers and toes crossed that schools stay open!



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