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Menswear Monthly: Spotlight on Casual Jackets

The last couple of weeks have certainly given us the taste of spring so now it’s time to start thinking about shedding those winter layers. For weekends and casual dressing you need to make sure you have a good light weight jacket in your life to take the place of your winter coat – from Harringtons, to bombers and utility jackets, there’s lots of choice.

Technical Jacket with Pockets £79.95 Massimo Dutti

I love the khaki colour of this which will work with blue and black denim alike.

If you aren’t sold on the green, it also comes in grey. And just a word about the technical bit – it basically means that there is a slight sheen to the fabric. Nothing off-putting and shellsuit-like, so fear not.

Cotton Rich Four Pocket Jacket £79.99 Autograph

In a similar vein, M&S has it’s version which you may prefer if you want a matt finish and are a navy blue kind of guy – I should know, I’m married to one!

Bonded Harrington Jacket £229 Ted Baker

The Harrington is the term for this type of lightweight, waist-length jacket and is named after Rodney Harrington, a character in a 1960s soap. This one comes in navy and tan plus it is actually shower resistant. Ted Baker also has a Tall range so if you struggle to find styles that are long enough, then join their poster boy, Crouchy wearing this Sambatt jacket £245.

Bevan Two in One Casual Jacket £295 Reiss

This is a very versatile number as not only does it have a detachable hood, you can also remove the central panel at the front to turn the jacket into more of a bomber silhouette. Many birds, one stone.

Utility Jacket £39.99 H&M

Not that dissimilar from a Harrington but with the addition of the drawstring channel at the waist which you can use or not, is the utility jacket. This one from H&M comes in black, navy and khaki.

Four Pocket Jacket with Stormwear M&S £89

If you want a water repellent version then go with this one which comes in stone and navy.

Cotton Four Pocket Jacket £69

If you want a true utility jacket then this is also a goodie but it’s just cotton so not water proof.

Len Microfibre Bomber Jacket £179 Ted Baker

A spring jacket that is waterproof might sound like an obvious combo, but the two don’t always go hand in hand. This one, however, is shower resistant and with bomber jackets a key item this spring, you will also be gaining fashion kudos. This comes in khaki, a light grey and blue.

Cotton Bomber Jacket £115 Cos

Go minimal with this bomber which comes in black, navy and a light stone.

Nylon Blend Bomber Jacket £34.99 H&M

If you are on a budget, then this is a great option and also comes in a light grey.

Linen Bomber £109 Massimo Dutti

Double fashion points as you tick the linen and bomber boxes. Embrace the ceased and crumpled look – that’s just how it is.

So which style will you choose?



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