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A whiter shade of … white

Nothing says summer better than white. Yes, it isn’t the most practical colour out there and in fact every time I put on a white top, tomato sauce and red wine have a habit of zoning in on me with military precision. But adding a bit of white into your life can be just the ticket to giving your wardrobe a lift.

A white t-shirt – super simple but actually quite difficult to find a good one. First off this needs to be white – not the colour of the once white pants that have been through the wash several thousand times, but actually a fresh, crisp white.

Secondly you need to think about your shape: are you broader up top or big busted – in which case go for a v neck or a scoop which will be slimming. Small busted, then a pocket could be the answer. Have you got wide shoulders – then stick to sleeves which sit on your body rather than a grown on sleeve which will add width. It is definitely not a one size fits all approach but what I can say is avoid ribbed cotton jersey in a high crew neck style. Not the most modern.

Now can you find a white t-shirt that isn’t see-through? Not really because you want the jersey to be drapey and light-weight. A slub is always nice too like this Cotton Slub V Tee from Hush £27. Wear a flesh coloured bra underneath rather than a white one to remove the focus from what is under your t-shirt.[1]

I have this t-shirt in the grey marl and it is a great fit – shaped without clinging: Maye Seam Back T-shirt £35 Whistles.


American Vintage is a great brand for jersey and they have lots of different styles including this T-Shirt Nouveau Mexique £35. Not sure why she is standing like a sulky teenager though.



Boden also has a number of options to choose from including this V neck linen tee £34.50.


Gap has an entire section dedicated to the perfect white tee and my favourites include:

Slub roll sleeve tee £14.95.


Linen cap sleeve tee £19.95.


Cap sleeve pocket tee £14.95.


M&S also has this Pure Linen T-shirt £15.


The lynchpin of every wardrobe – you can wear this in so many ways: shorts on the beach to under a blazer with some heels.

What if you want something a bit smarter? Well, here we depart slightly from white and head down an optically kinder and less stark route because a woven t-shirt, unlike it’s jersey counterpart, should not be bright Vanished white, rather, a softer white like this Silk Tee from Hush £65 Antique White.  Perfect under a jacket for the office or for a night out. Add fine chains or a statement necklace to finish the look.[1]

A good woven cami is another useful wardrobe staple like this Silk Vest £55 Hush. Again definitely not in the optic white camp for this one.


If silk is just asking for jammy fingers or snotty noses to head your way, then this Triangle top Hush £45 is a machine washable option. Dress it down with shorts and sandals for the beach or pop on some heels with skinnies or a more relaxed jean and a jacket for a cocktail-ready ensemble.[1]

I have last year’s version of Topshop’s Double Strap V-Front Cami £16 in white and black. (Although this year there are also lots of lovely bright, fun colours to choose from for holidays). I have worn this so much and in so many ways – from on the beach to New Year’s Eve under a sparkly jacket and with leather look trousers and heels. Plus they also come in Tall and Petite.


Oasis also has a very similar cami for £22 if you don’t like the double strap.


So hopefully your white top woes are sorted and one last word: if you want to do on-trend then go for an off the shoulder style like this Broderie Anglaise Top £65 Hush. It’s not super versatile but you should now have that covered.[1]





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