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Say it loud – slogans are here to stay

Fashion and politics don’t always go hand in hand but there is no denying, in this era of protest movements, that fashion is wearing it’s heart on it’s chest. Slogans on tees and knits are most definitely here to stay and while they may be light-hearted, it is a trend with much deeper political roots. But back to the fashion part of this and my first personal and hideously cringe-worthy foray into slogans was as a teenager wearing a white cropped top emblazoned with the logo ‘beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ or something similarly modest, which I wore with a black suede mini skirt and knee high boots (not a hint of hooker there at all). Fashion, meanwhile, has come a long way from Tammy Girl’s finest, passed through the FCUK and GAP phase to deliver a much classier selection. Here are my top ten slogans out there:

  1. Top of the list has to be Hush’s Embroidered Love Jumper £69 for its simplicity and modernity.

In a similar vein is this Love Sweat Top £49. Whilst I may not wear this with the skirt, sweat tops don’t have to be reserved for the gym and will work just as well with girlfriend jeans. Just beware if you are broad of shoulder, this style may not be for you and opt for a sweater without a dropped sleeve. There is not much in the way of stock on either of these two styles though.

2. For a more summery vibe then this Aloha Tee £35 would be great for the holidays with shorts.

3. Or there is this new Happy Days Tee £35 which comes in a blush colourway too.

4. Love the colour of the Sun Sea Sand Sweat Top £40.

5. While I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear something with a slogan like ‘HOT’ or ‘You turn me on’ (too reminiscent of aforementioned teenage years), cool brand Etre Cecile does have some I could definitely do like this Good Life t-shirt £75.

6.  At Whistles, there is this Eh Oui T Shirt £49.

7. Over at Selfridges, Bella Freud is the brand to go to and has this Good Times merino wool jumper £315.

8. Or this 7 Heures du Matin £285.

9. From top end to bottom dollar with this White Slogan Graphic Tee from Next £14.

10. Or this Zara Slogan T £9.99 which comes in grey and a taupe.

The slogan top is definitely a tightrope line to walk as you try desperately not to look like a total twit, wearing some un-funny tongue-in- cheek slogan about yourself, or worse still like a teenager/small child. But these definitely don’t go down that route – basically they are safe. That probably isn’t the point at all. But that is why this is fashion and not politics.




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