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Taking a short cut

So when I said last week that a sundress was the only thing you needed in this heat, that was obviously poetic license because clearly a pair of shorts is also ideal. But city shorts aren’t quite the same thing as beach shorts and if you get it right a pair of posh shorts might even work for the office.

Whether you are about to jet off or are stuck sweltering on the tube, look no further to get the right shorts. But first up a couple of pointers:

  1. If you wouldn’t wear a skirt that short, then maybe think again about your teeny-weeny teenage shorts.
  2. If you are long of leg, then a low slung style that sits on the hips is great. However, a higher waisted pair will work better for shorter legs.
  3. You don’t really want the shorts to grip your thighs so go for a style that sits away from the leg.


I would normally say go for Boden’s chino shorts as they come in three different leg lengths so cater for everyone. However, they are all sold out apart from a couple of sizes. There is more stock available on their Rachel Chino Short £22.50-£50 depending on the colour, but it depends on the colour and leg length – 3, 4, 6 or 9 “.

J Crew also does a good chino style in several lengths: 4, 5 and 7″. Their best-seller is the 4″ Stretch Chino Short £50 which comes in lots of colours. Some of these are in the sale for £25. The 5″ is sold out but there is good stock on the 7″.


I have definitely swapped my tiny Topshop denim shorts for a more relaxed style which is less mean on the fabric front. Hush’s Denim Shorts £45 are a good bet but is available only in sizes 14 and 16.

Or try Gap’s Washwell High Rise 3″ Denim Shorts £24.47. Stock on all these is hit and miss as we hit sale and the end of the season.

For a longer leg go for their Mid Rise 5″ Denim Short £20.97. They also do a cleaner denim option.

Oasis has its Abigail Short £28/£30 depending on whether you go for the clean style or a more ripped look.

I have these Frayed Denim Shorts £19.99 from Mango as an alternative to the traditional blue denim.


For a classic black, go for these Formal Tailored Shorts £30 from Oasis and pair with a smart blouse as here. A nice sandal also works perfectly.

Or try the Richmond Short £24- £48 from Boden which also comes in several leg lengths.

Extremely good value are Uniqlo’s Satin Shorts £19.99 – this is a cotton sateen so has a nice sheen, rather than an actual shiny satin.



Stripes and summer go hand in hand, so try these Stripe Casual Shorts £30 from Oasis. These are definitely a pair you can dress up or down depending on the top/shoe combo you go for.

These Printed Bermuda Shorts £19.99 from Zara are gorgeous and thanks to the multi-coloured print, you can pair lots of different top options with them.


Or they also have these Bermuda Shorts with Belt £19.99.

And with no sign of the weather changing, it might actually be time to get those pins out. Get fake-tanning!



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