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Simple but spot on: the white sneaker

I never thought I would be excited by sneakers but I am. Historically, I haven’t been a huge fan of trainers worn in a non-sports context and, I must admit, I am not totally au fait with your Reebok Classics versus your High Tops, but times have changed and the lady is most definitely for turning. Now top of my wish list is a brand-spanking, box-fresh, new pair of sneakers.

Last spring I bought a great pair from H&M which I have worn nearly to the death and they now look tired and in need of updating. Plus this season, you definitely need a bigger chunkier sole. And mine looks way too flat, if we are being pernickety.

But if you aren’t sure why you need a pair, here are three reasons, fashion notwithstanding:

  1. They are comfortable
  2. They are practical – apart from the colour but you can clean them obviously.
  3. They work with every colour and with so many styles – boyfriend, girlfriend (rolled up to flash a bit of ankle), skinnies, combats, leather/leather-look trousers. And that is just trousers.

AND they are on trend.

So here is my white trainer edit, courtesy of a very-bad-on-paper but actually incredibly successful and un-stressful, family shopping outing to Westfield this weekend. Three pairs of sneakers purchased (although none for me but I am about to get ordering).

Good old Zara has a great pair of Leather Platform Sneakers £39.99 with a touch of leopard print. Perfect – for me and my animal obsession and I might actually hit 5 foot 3 in these!5632001001_1_1_1[1]

H&M has this cheaper pair at £19.99 (not leather) but will do the job. And I like the styling here too.


Superga has a canvas pair of 2750 Plain Lace Plimsoles £45 which is a good price and these are more feminine than a lot of the styles around. Not that I am like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to trainers, but I do I prefer Superga’s to Converse because they have a more substantial sole and you don’t feel every single sharp stone beneath your feet. The only downside is that these aren’t leather so are much more of a fair weather friend. But they do do these in leather (which is what you really want for fashion kudos) for £54.99 at Office.


I know this is technically a post on the white trainer but this spring, high shine silver is straight off the catwalk so these Silver Superga 2750 £50 are just the thing. They definitely appeal to the magpie in me.


Pricier from Kurt Geiger is the Lambeth at £130 but I rather like the flash of metallic. A nod to the season without being in your face bling.


Now it would be foolish to ignore the actual sneaker brands in this because they have some great and iconic styles. My husband is guffawing in the background at my new-found, and somewhat spurious, sneaker guru status…

Starting off with Adidas and their classic shell-toed Superstars £70 . If you are between a size 4 and 6 you can get these for £40 in the kids’ section. Same shoe. Yep, exactly the same shoe £30 cheaper.


Better for the more dainty of foot is the Stan Smith £67. No girls’ version of this though I am afraid.



We buy our kids velcro trainers because they are practical, so just because you can tie up your laces why have the hassle? The Stan Smiths also come in this Velcro style £70.


On the Nike side of the fence is the Air Force 1 07 at £70. Now these start at a 2.5UK, unlike Adidas which only start at a 4. Or for £105 you can customise these to your own personal taste.


A Golden Goose pair of sneaks is probably the brand to have and they range in price but these are £150 down from £240 at Net a Porter. Note the frayed and mullet-like hem on the jeans. This is uber fashionable. If you have a pair of jeans you don’t like so much then take to the scissors to them and create SS16’s most fashionable look. Not quite sold on this though.


And there you have white sneakers from a trainer novice. Hurry up weather, move on so I can bare my ankle and get wearing this season’s latest and greatest.




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