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Spring Layers

I get asked a lot how best to do layering for the spring so this week I thought I would have a look at the casual jackets that will see you through the spring and summer. Next week, it’ll be the turn of smarter options.

The leather jacket

If you don’t have one already, then go out and get yourself one – they are perfect over dresses and with skirts and all sorts of bottoms, apart from leather ones probably! You want a neat, nipped in shape at the waist so sizing down will often be the solution and go for a real leather style as it will be softer and mould itself to your contours better than a pleather number. These are my top picks:

Onyx Leather Jacket £295 Hush

This comes in several colours including grey, navy and black. So if you have found a true black to be too harsh, then a slightly softer colour will work well.

Dalby Leather Biker All Saints £298

This is another total winner that I buy time and again with clients. Again you may want to size down.

Leather Biker Jacket £119.99 Mango

If you don’t want to spend the best part of £300 then this is a good option and you can always take the leather off the zippers to make it less tassel-y.

The denim jacket

As with the leather jacket, your denim jacket needs to be neat and fitted. This is not something you have to be able to do up as that will probably mean it’s too big. However, unlike with the leather jacket, you don’t need to spend mega bucks to get a goodie. In fact, these two options are the best I have found. Full stop.

Nancy Denim Jacket £45 Oasis

This is a great style that comes in three different washes. Wear over dresses, with skirts and non-denim – unless of course you like the Canadian Tux look…

Denim Jacket £29.99 H&M

This is a real winner but is hard to find in stores. There are three different denim washes as well as black and white.

The cargo jacket

Now if you are wedded to your skinny jeans, you’ll need a slightly les fitted and more relaxed jacket you can put with them.

Military Jacket £75 Hush

This is a lovely jacket and great for wearing with your denim casually. As with a lot of Hush pieces, you may be better off sizing down.

Camo Military Jacket £75 Hush

If you are after something a bit more edgy, then this is it.

Utility Jacket £32 Boohoo

Or there is this one which is at Next.

Drake Utility Jacket £168 Baukjen

I don’t know where I would be without all these jackets – they all serve different purposes and cover all the casual bases. Without having different shaped and proportioned pieces in your wardrobe, it’s impossible to create different outfit combinations. And that is the way out of feeling like you’re in a style rut – wearing the same types of pieces means you’ll only ever look the same. In short, you’ve got to have options.

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