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It appears that I am a teensy bit flat footed – that is according to the guy who is doing some post-operative physio on my knee.  This may have something to do with why I have sustained injuries that are normally associated with super duper athletic types …. or grannies! I, on the other hand, have torn my cartilage whilst engaging in pretty innocuous activities, like getting up from the floor awkwardly and I think doing a star jump caused the other knee to go.

The sum total of this may mean that flat shoes are  simply not meant for me, given that they are exacerbating my elephant-like tread and so maybe, just maybe, I should be all about the heels. (I should probably check this out with the aforementioned physio the next time I see him for some scientific back up). If this is the case then hooray because there are a lot of great heels out there this season that I cannot wait to pop my little trotters into.

So here we have my top five heels for the spring/summer season:

1. The Wedge

I am all about comfort – occasionally I have bought some very impractical heels but they have remained unworn in their lovely little shoe bags at the back of my wardrobe. So the wedge is perfect because it is just that, super comfortable and it is probably one of my favourite styles for the season. It also channels the 70’s vibe which is everywhere but you don’t just have to wear it with your flares, wedges also look great with summer dresses and skinny jeans alike. On my last blog there were a couple of espadrille wedges but there are so many more out there that I have discovered, including these great little picks:

This Wedge heeled sandal from H&M £29.99 is lovely and I like the asymmetric upper. I also like the authentic espadrille stab stitching round the sides too.


I love H&M’s shoes this season and they also have some more traditional espadrille wedges. These wedge sandals £24.99 come in dark blue and a nude colour and would be a very pretty style to wear with a summer dress, shorts or trousers.


Office also has a great selection on wedges and I like a bit of metallic so these Palm Slingback espadrille wedges £60 tick a lot of boxes for me.

Picture4Another metallic option is the Daisy wedge which is a bargain reduced to £33. This style comes in the metallic leather, coral, yellow and tan suede. Yellow and orange are hot colours for the season and would definitely brighten up any outfit. The ankle strap is probably a welcome addition as I find sling-backs don’t always stay on the foot very well.


I am a bit of a sucker for animal print – as you may have realised – so I find myself rather drawn to this Dark Horse wedge espadrille £55 also at Office. Can really see this livening up a pair of skinny jeans or a shirt dress but it may not be for everyone.


2. Block heeled sandals

Another practical style if ever there was thanks to the sturdy block heel. Practical, as we know, doesn’t mean boring and there are some pretty fab little numbers out and about.

I love these Garland strappy block heels in fluro leather £65 from Office.


They also come in white and grey leather, both of which look rather sophisticated, as well as a gorgeous rose gold which crosses off the high-shine trend seen on the summer catwalks. Oooh too many choices.


If this heel feels a bit too high to be manageable or you happen to be blessed with a bit of height, then there are options out there for you. I have lusted after these Low heeled jewelled sandals from Zara £39.99. They come in navy and a beige and I would be totally torn between the two colours.


River Island has this lovely leather nude pair at £42. These would look very sophisticated with dark indigo denim.


3. Clogs

No I am not talking about those plastic ones that avid-gardener types have by their back door. These clogs are a lifetime away and a hell of a lot more sexy!

Check out the Fraggel from Dune £65 (odd name but does anyone remember Fraggle Rock from their childhood?!). They come in tan, black and a rose gold. A tan sandal is very versatile indeed.


If you want a more authentic-looking number then these Light brown clogs £28 from River Island are great and I can see them looking spot on with a button through A-line denim skirt to nail that 70’s look or equally lovely with a pair of shorts.


Not sure I would be brave enough to wear these 13 cm high heeled clogs from Zara £79.99 but….


4. Platforms

Well thanks to the Glam-Rock 70’s vibe on the catwalks platform sandals are definitely out there this season. My life is a bit less Ziggy Stardust and a bit more Peppa Pig but you still have to have dreams. There is a fine line with platforms so make sure you don’t cross it. My advice is to stick to a chunkier heel.

These rather fab Mariella snakeskin platform sandals £85 from Dune would look amazing with an indigo skinny jean and a white tuxedo jacket if you can stand up in them for more than twenty minutes.


If you are going for platforms then you should go the whole hog and this shiny gold pair from Zara £39.99 are disco-divatastic.



5. Flatforms

Well technically I suppose they aren’t really heels at all given but they do give you extra height so that does count in some way. I have left these till last because I have to be honest I am really not keen on this footwear trend but who am I to dismiss it because I think it is a pretty ugly look? I am surprised that Next has something like this in its collection but here are their Chunky Cleat Wedges £45 and which at least 3 people have purchased.


River Island has a pair of cross over strap flatforms £40 which come in black and grey. I am just not sold. Perhaps I am a bit too ancient because I remember Fraggle Rock?


These tone contrast flatform sandals £19.99 from New Look are a better look I think but I am still not totally convinced I am afraid. Something a little bit orthopaedic about them but given my flat-footedness maybe these would be just the ticket after all.

As I write this, it is election night so I feel somewhat frivolous posting this blog when there are much larger issues at stake. But maybe once the political dust settles you might just want to know what to pop on your feet this season and, thank goodness you don’t have to keep them on for the next five years!



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