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The humble jacket – it’ll do wonders for your wardrobe

Never mind your spangly ‘going-out’ top, what you need for the party season is a jacket. I am definitely not talking about the top half of your suit – if you wear one, but an LBJ that will see you through a whole host of events.

In fact, scrap that, it isn’t even about the party season because let’s face it, going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or sitting on Santa’s knee at your local garden centre, doesn’t really count as the party season as we used to know it. Actually, a little jacket is an absolute wardrobe staple that will serve you well whether you need it for nine to five, the odd night out or as an instant smartner for your go-to jeans. Possibly one of the most versatile pieces you can ever have, it will last you for seasons to come if you choose well.

No matter what your shape or size, a well-fitting jacket can do wonders for you. Not only does it provide camouflage but it also gives structure and shape at the crucial point – your waist. And that is what we all want to do: create the illusion of Marilyn Monroe-esque curves.

So that is why you need one in case you weren’t convinced, but where to go to find one…

Mango, has, in my opinion, the best selection of blazers out there on the high street and this Satined trimmed jacket £39.99 is amazing value. It looks much more expensive than it’s meagre price tag would suggest.


If you want something with a bit of texture – always a good bet as it will then work well with anything black in your wardrobe without jarring against the eye when it doesn’t match – then this Textured Cotton Blend Jacket £69.99 also has a zip detail on the sleeve for a modern twist.


Another textured option is this Textured Cotton Blazer at £44.99.


Hush also has a good Black Jacket £65 that you can dress down with jeans and skaters or dress up with heels.


A classic Tuxedo jacket is another sleek and timeless option that looks so slick with a crisp white shirt. Topshop’s Premium Tuxe Jacket £75 does the job.


If you want to go with the fashion pack then opt for a sleeveless blazer like this Long Boyfriend Gilet £49.99 from Mango. Perfect over a clean blouse, shirt or cami.


Velvet is one of the key fabrics for the season and a little velvet jacket would look spot on. I am not so keen on the more traditional ‘smoking jacket’ types, which are very formal and somehow look simultaneously dated whilst being bang on trend, but this this little swing jacket from Zara looks modern and feminine: Short Velvet Coat £39.99. You would be a braver woman than I if you did pair it with the wide-legged velvet trousers that the model has! A girlfriend or skinny jean would work in a more wearable way.


So to finish with some spangly options that will certainly do the job, arguably in a better and cooler way, than any ‘Friday-night top’: Decorative Bead Jacket £119.99 from good old Mango again.


Monsoon, thanks to it’s Indian heritage of hand-work and beading, has several embellished jackets including the Geneva Embellished Jacket £89.


These ‘trophy jackets’ can be just the ticket and I have a couple of sequinned jackets from years ago that have seen me through many a night out with a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt or cami. You don’t even need to wear heels as the jacket does all the talking. The thing about a jacket is that is looks like you just chucked it on as a last-minute addition to your outfit, rather than a well-thought out top.

Ok so I probably won’t wear one of these to see Santa but this year my Christmas pudding jumper with holly berries for nipples, (sounds just as bad in writing as it is in the flesh) may well stay in the back of the cupboard in favour of a little sequined trophy jacket – not least because now my son is old enough to do something publicly inappropriate were I to don the puddings!





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