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The long and short of it

You may not be in any danger of needing these if you are stay-cationing, but if you are heading to sunnier climes this summer holiday, then a good pair of shorts will probably be on the list. I have recently come to the conclusion that my mid 30’s behind is probably better off encased in slightly larger shorts than I currently have residing in my cupboard. They are a hangover from my 20s so are somewhat short on material – all two inches of a Topshop hipster style equates to not much in the way of coverage and are probably more suited to my three-year old.

There are three lessons I have learnt on my quest for the perfect pair of shorts:

  1. Turn ups look good.
  2. Styles that sit away rather than grip the thighs are much more flattering and make for slimmer-looking legs.
  3. Hipsters don’t help the muffin top and super high waisted 80’s styles, although on trend, are possibly better sported by the younger generation. Go middle of the road and stick to a mid-rise.

So where to go…

First stop is Boden for their Chino Shorts. At £42.50, they are not cheap but they are very good. Plus they also come in three different leg lengths: 4″, 6″ and 9″ so cater for all heights and personal preferences.


The black or navy make a great wardrobe staple but they also come in porridge, white, denim and a ticking stripe. White is probably for a different life – one where I am on a yacht in St Tropez and not carrying around a potty in a plastic bag everywhere I go (that was last year though so maybe this year I can do white…).



Gap also has some good chino shorts but they don’t have turn ups so aren’t top of the list – although they do score extra points for having some good, fun colours which are now in the sale: Summer Shorts now £18.99 in sunset glow. Sizes are limited as this is sale stock but if you are petite, there does seem to be the full compliment on the internet. These are shorter than a lot of shorts so won’t be for everyone (3″ for regular and then 2.5″ for petite and 3.5″ for tall). There are plenty of other colours available from bright pink to white and many more but the price will depend on the colour (and clearly how much stock they have to shift).


If it is denim that you want, then Gap has a very good Original 1969 Best Girlfriend Denim Short £29.95. These also come in three different lengths for petite, regular and tall ladies at 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ respectively.


Next has done a shorts version of its best-selling Lift, Slim and Shape Jeans for £26. If they are anywhere near as good as the jeans, then these will be a winner. They come in several different denim washes as well as white and in petite as well as regular. At 5.5 ” on the inseam these are not going to have you exposing unwanted flesh.


Hush has its highly rated Denim Shorts £45. They also come in a washed black which are in the sale at £30.[1]

If it is a more relaxed short you are after, then Hush’s Marseille Shorts are a good bet. The black is full price at £40.[1]

But the poppy, blue and olive are in the sale reduced to £30. Love the olive here – a very sophisticated and on trend look.[1][1]

And finally, if the thought of exposing anything much above your knee brings you out in a cold sweat then go for a longer line short like these High Rise Denim Shorts from & Other Stories £20 in the sale.


Or these from Hush Long Denim Shorts now £40 also in the sale.[1]

(Or do it yourself from an old pair of jeans) and rock the Dirty Dancing look. Now all you need is the watermelons, oh and the sunshine.




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