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Wardrobe Staples: The Denim Jacket

This blog is not really about fashion. It’s about getting it right, irrespective of fashion. Because if it was about fashion it would be about this: the oversized denim jacket.

If we are honest with ourselves then the only people who should be wearing these large pieces of denim up top have a surname of Jenner or Hadid or are 14 years old and twiglet-like, as above. There is nothing remotely flattering about a rigid, oversized denim jacket on a mere mortal, unless you are channelling an inner desire to look like Meatloaf. See where I am headed… you will just look butch. Which is not really a look many of us knowingly desire.

However, a fitted denim jacket is a super useful piece of kit that comes into its own around this time of year – or whenever the mercury actually gets beyond 16 degrees. Here’s a whole load of ways to wear yours courtesy of Pinterest.

With jeans – dark denim and light. Yes you can do double denim too if you fancy – but it’s not my favourite.

With more relaxed trousers like chinos or a tapered leg track pant/crepe trouser.

Over dresses. Long, short, fitted, babydoll etc.

I have a denim jacket that pre-dates my kids and every year when I wear it, it still feels right. Why? Because it is the right length – not too cropped so as to look like I should be headed to a fancy dress Cowboy party – and not too long so it doesn’t work with dresses and skirts. Fitted on the shoulders so I don’t go down the Bat out of Hell road, and shaped through the waist. To totally prove the point, Hush’s nice fitted jacket that is featured on the front cover of their catalogue is sold out, while its more fashionable Carpenter Jacket £70 is in stock in all sizes.


Mine is from H&M and as well as the more 80s styles, they do have a more fitted number with this Denim Jacket £29.99. As well as this wash, there is a slightly paler denim and a white.

There is also this Denim Jacket £29.99 which comes in slightly different washes and which has differently stitched panels on the front – spot the difference!

Oasis also has a good one wit its Willow Denim Jacket £45.

If it is colour choice that you are after, then Uniqlo has a number of different washes on its Women Denim Jacket £29.90.


Mid blue


As well as an almost white but is actually very pale blue.

Vero Moda on ASOS has a Denim Jacket £26 which looks pretty perfect.

Or M&S has this Denim Twin Pocket Jacket £29.50.

Warehouse has a Crop Denim Jacket £45 which doesn’t actually look at all cropped and I think this is on the boxier end of the spectrum.

Topshop has one classic style amongst a whole load of ripped and oversized options: Moto Fitted Western Bleach Wash Denim Jacket £40.

Zara also has this Denim Jacket £25.99

And Mango has this Dark Denim Jacket £35.99.

As well as this Light Wash Denim Jacket £35.99 which in the flesh look like a very good shape indeed.

One final thing – roll your sleeves up. It makes all the difference.



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