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The 5 things your wardrobe needs! (no clothing or shoes required)

Happy New Year!

I firmly subscribe to the “tidy house, tidy mind” mantra and while I cannot fully control the whole house (my 4 year old does a very good job of ensuring she leaves her mark across much of the house on a daily basis with toys, jewellery, games and more trailing in her wake!) I most certainly can and do keep on top of my wardrobe. Having a well organised and tidy wardrobe is often the first step in taking control – of not just your closet – but also your style and much much more. It is a simple fact that if you cannot see the wood for the trees on the clothing front, then getting dressed in the morning and creating outfits will be much harder.

So while the whole “new year, new you” malarky can often heap on unnecessary pressure with unachievable expectations, here are 5 easy and practical steps you can take to get your wardrobe under control:



Having a jumble of hangers does not make for a visually appealing wardrobe and having the wrong hangers can also ruin your clothes when they leave impression marks on shoulders etc. I always recommend to my clients that they go for a velvet hanger like these for a number of reasons: firstly they are very thin so if you are pushed for space, these are ideal; secondly, they are non slip so your clothes will stay put; thirdly, having all the same type of hangers looks much tidier.


2. Shoe Storage

This is often the area that can be neglected with a pile of shoes stuffed at the back of the wardrobe but thanks to one of my lovely clients who introduced me to this brilliant bit of kit which will not only organise your footwear, it will also save space and keep your shoes in better condition thanks to the stacking system: shoe stackers


3. Disorganised drawers(!)

If you want to get your drawers and shelves organised then these storage boxes are the answer – you can easily and neatly categorise your clothing and prevent the usual chaos from occurring when rifling around to find a particular top etc. I have these large storage boxes from Amazon but they come in a smaller size. Ikea is also brilliant for all things storage and has lots of different drawer dividers you can use for everything from underwear to belts and more.



4. Tatty knits

I would not be without my Philips fabric shaver – such a useful piece of kit and a pretty satisfying job too!! No more pilled and tatty looking knitwear when you can quickly shave off all the bobbles.



5. Moth prevention/control

If you want to protect your precious natural fibres then knitwear storage bags are ideal – I store all my cashmere in these. I also have moth leaves in my drawers and hanging sachets in my wardrobes to keep these pesky pests away plus employ lots of preventative measures in the form of decoys and moth boxes. These from Total Wardrobe Care are brilliant because they use only natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and they smell delicious.



Head to my Instagram page to see videos on all these products which will all be saved in my January Reels highlight as well as my Wardrobe highlight.


And I would love to know what are your top storage/organisation/garment care hacks?


Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2024 x


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  • Lynfa

    Fab tips lovely lady, thank you and keep them coming let’s face it we all need to shop our wardrobes right now and a little nudge here and there makes a big difference

  • Vickey Young

    Love all your tips and style

  • Jody Smith

    Love all your closet tips and styling ideas! I am also 5’2” and small, so found your post on the color tower very helpful!
    Happy New Year!

  • JoAnn Coogan

    Thank you.

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