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y personal styling services for men are designed to remove the hassle from shopping and building a wardrobe.

The wARdrobe edit

If you want to look the part but don’t know where to begin or maybe you are after a promotion at work, then a Wardrobe Edit is the ideal starting point to help you create the right image. I will work with you to ensure you don’t have to worry about what to wear again and help you create easy to wear outfits that fit the bill for every occasion.

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Detailed guidance on how to dress for your physique and colouring
  • New outfit inspiration
  • Expert style tips including recommendations on pieces to tailor/sell on etc.
  • Bespoke shopping list of the key missing items to help your wardrobe work better
  • Ongoing feedback on outfits/purchases following the session.
  • Detailed follow up Style ID report with your bespoke shopping list, style tips and guidance on dressing for your shape/colouring can be added on for £100.

3 hours £375*

* Typically it takes up to 3 hours to carry out a Wardrobe Edit, however, this depends on the size of your wardrobe. If you have a large wardrobe and will benefit from additional trying on time, this can be added at an hourly rate of £80 per hour.

I am based in Wandsworth, South-West London but will travel within London, Surrey and the South-East. Additional travel costs may apply so please discuss upon booking.

the Personal Shop

This is an efficient, stress-free, time and money saving service which will help you re-invigorate your wardrobe and grow your confidence through style.

 Each personal shop is tailored to your individual needs, using a pre-agreed priority shopping list and visiting the brands that are right for your style and budget. I remove the stress of shopping by planning, preparing and pre-selecting pieces, thereby making the whole process straightforward and seamless.

Typically I shop on Oxford Street or at Harvey Nichols, where I am a member of the Stylist Club which allows for a number of exclusive benefits. However, I also meet clients at Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush), the King’s Road and Kingston. Where we meet will be discussed and confirmed prior to our appointment.

To maximise the effectiveness of your Personal Shopping session I recommend booking a Wardrobe Edit beforehand.

  • Pre-shop questionnaire to give me the information needed to plan your shop.
  • Guidance on picking the right styles and colours to suit you.
  • Fresh ideas on how to put new outfits together.
  • Introduction to new brands and styles.
  • Expert styling tips throughout the session.
  • Honest and constructive feedback of the carefully pre-selected edit of clothes you try on.
  • A follow-up email with additional links/suggestions.

3 hours £375

I was in a rut of wearing the same clothes week in and week out, hoarding lots of items which no longer fitted, were no longer in fashion or suited my lifestyle. Claire helped me to understand how I could make my existing wardrobe work harder for me. She put together stylish outfits which I would not have thought to combine. My wardrobe has been reinvigorated and I feel more confident wearing my clothes. Claire’s technical knowledge sets her apart from other stylists as she has a deep understanding of how items are constructed and the different fabrics used. She helped me to understand why certain items did not suit me or fit me properly and set me on the right path towards understanding how to shop better for my body shape whilst not compromising on my style.
I had never been to a personal stylist before and to be honest, didn’t think it was really “me”. However, I wanted to regain some semblance of “a look”. Claire’s approach was very personalised, evaluating existing pieces that work and editing out those that didn’t. She compiled a tailored shopping list that would pull together several looks with my existing pieces. A session with Claire really clarified where I had been going wrong but how with a few simple do’s and dont’s I could have a wardrobe which I could fully use rather than relying on the same 20% of “safe” pieces. This is something I would recommend to everyone; I wish I had done it years ago. Claire is incredibly knowledgeable, she just has a knack of understanding what you want even if you are not quite clear what that is yourself. She is up with the current (and coming) trends, but is also conscious of what works for the individual in order to create classic, contemporary looks.
The “wardrobe detox” Claire carried out on my wardrobe has been simply wonderful. Claire helped me to get rid of clothes that were weighing me and my wardrobe down. I hadn’t worn them in years and yet I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them because of a fear of regret, waste, guilt….Claire, in her diplomatic, kind and gentle, yet sparkling and effusive way, was able to carefully explain why they were no longer contemporary or appropriate. My wardrobe now feels bigger, brighter and more accessible. Claire is a really talented stylist. She was able to instantly assess my colouring, style and the clothes hanging in my wardrobe and yet didn’t try to enforce her style onto me. She put together so many more outfits from the clothes I already own than I thought possible. Even without the shopping spree I am planning to do with the shopping list Claire has produced for me, I feel like I have so much more to wear.
If you’re looking for help to get out of a rut, reclaim a bit of personality in your clothes (and reclaim your wardrobe) you need Claire! Totally expert and totally inspiring, Claire gives practical advice that you can make work from the High St. Whether you’re ‘into fashion’ or not, working or not, Claire can help you feel a bit better ‘put together’ – and who doesn’t want that?!
I held a Style Party with the lovely Claire this past weekend and OH what fun we had!! We all felt we learned so much about the latest trends and styles and what we loved was that Claire had lots of them there to show us! Learning about a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ was eye-opening and we are all now on a mission to get one as it seemed to make so much sense and Claire made it look so easy. It’s almost as if Claire let us in on a big secret and now I may just be able to pull off some stylish looks for an affordable amount! If you are looking for a fun night ‘in’ with some girlfriends, definitely have Claire over… it’s very inspiring and a lot of fun! Thanks Claire!
Claire has done 2 online stylings for me and in both cases has created exactly the looks I was hoping for – really brilliant choices – I will definitely use her again for the next season, and would highly recommend her.
Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring ‘style evening’ for women of a certain age! It was good to hear that with a few key facts, some smart shopping and a willingness to detox our wardrobes we can reclaim our sense of style in a much more positive way. I found your presentation of the capsule wardrobe helpful, clear, inspiring, motivating and fun. I love clothes and felt your style party added clarity and dimension to my eternal search for style and elegance whilst still sticking to a budget. Thank you
Claire provided me with a much-needed wardrobe detox following the birth of my second baby and what felt like a long time without shopping for clothes. The experience was really fun (and not intimidating as i’d feared); Claire showed me how to make the most of the clothes I have, those which I needed to throw away and what I needed to buy, all taking account of my body shape, lifestyle and budget. It’s made such a positive difference to the way I feel about dressing, and has I think helped me regain a bit of my pre-mummy identity. Thank you Claire!
After 3 children and 5 years away from office based work, my wardrobe was beginning to look how I felt – a bit tired and confused! I badly needed some fashion inspiration but the services of a personal stylist seemed more suited to a celebrity than a stay at home mum. Claire totally changed my perceptions with a much needed wardrobe detox and quickly sorted through clothes which flattered and suited me and those that no longer did. She has a great eye for style and knew just how to accentuate my best features. Her ability to transform my clothes by simply adding accessories, ruching sleeves and tucking in tops was fascinating! The time flew and I enjoyed it so much. Afterwards Claire identified specific clothes which would fill gaps in my wardrobe which was really helpful. We all deserve to look our best and Claire reminded me that I can look attractive and stylish without compromising on comfort or buying an expensive high maintenance wardrobe.
I only wish I had booked a session with Claire years ago – it would have saved me so much money, time and effort. I have spent so many wasted hours buying things then taking them back! I now know exactly what shapes and colours to look for and how to dress my frame. My wardrobe is a joy to behold and now when I go and meet friends or have work drinks I know what outfit to wear. What a relief! Everyone needs a Claire in their life.
Having three children in five years meant my body shape and lifestyle had changed beyond recognition but my wardrobe had stood still as I was low on time, cash and most of all inspiration to update it. I knew a morning with Claire was much needed but I didn’t anticipate quite how much fun it would be, how much it would boost my confidence or how many tips and tricks she would share about dressing for my size, shape and colouring. Since her visit I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family on my outfits and best of all on all the weight I’ve ‘lost’ – which is entirely down to following her tips on dressing for my shape! I only wish I’d done this twenty years ago.
I loved my wardrobe detox experience with you, it was incredibly helpful and I now feel very confident with my clothes. I don’t struggle with what to wear anymore. I have also had loads of comments about my new look – I love it Thank you so much for giving me such a confidence boost & totally slimming down my wardrobe, it’s been perfect timing!
I can’t thank Claire enough for my styling experience! As a working Mum I felt like I was stuck in a rut of wearing either boring office wear or old jeans and jumpers at home with the kids. Claire helped me review my existing wardrobe, combining colours and styles in a new inspiring way. She (very nicely) suggested clothes to avoid and identified gaps and a few new versatile items to make my wardrobe work harder. I now have an organised, structured wardrobe full of clothes and outfits that suit me and I love to wear. Claire is brilliant at her job – she was lovely to work with, a real professional and she has a real talent for styling and fashion. The nice thing was it was not intimidating at all – she really took the time to get to know me, understand my likes and dislikes and she did not try to push new fashions or trends on me. I would highly recommend working with her!
Claire is a true professional and has a good eye for style – I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. The prep work she does assessing your style and shape, means she does not waste any time when it comes to shopping and for someone as time poor as myself, this is a genuine gift.
Last Christmas, my husband bought me a voucher for a wardrobe detox. knew that my wardrobe was in desperate need of updating but I’m quite reserved, and I really wasn’t sure if seeing a stylist was quite ‘me’. I can honestly say the experience has been one of the best presents I have ever had. Claire immediately put me at complete ease, and I felt very comfortable trying on my clothes as she talked me through how different items work together in order to create a capsule wardrobe. Claire had researched different styles and colours that she felt would work well for me, and spent time illustrating how different accessories and footwear would compliment my outfits. She was also very honest (but kind!) in assessing a number of items in my wardrobe which either didn’t flatter me, or which were very dated, or both! Claire is very talented, and her friendly approachable style made the experience a real joy. She has restored my confidence in how to create the right look for myself, and now I cannot wait to go shopping for my new clothes!
My clothes were really getting me down, despite feeling like I was spending too much money on them, I always thought I had nothing to wear. I felt dishevelled and not together. Claire helped me see what suited me and why. She showed me how to get colour and variety into my outfits. She showed me that I just needed a few extra pieces to get some great outfits together. Now I look forward to choosing my outfits every morning. Not only that but I feel like I have outfits for every occasion (and weather!). Instead of spending money on another outfit that just hangs in my wardrobe, the money I spent on Claire has changed the way I feel about clothes. I won’t be buying clothes for the sake of it now, only things I need and that I know suit me. Thank you Claire!
Before my wardrobe detox I used to open my wardrobe doors and feel stressed about all the clothes I had but never wore. Having had 2 children in the last 3 years, I had given fashion very little thought and didn’t have the time (or confidence) to thoughtfully sort through my wardrobe. I kept reaching for the same tired pieces which left me feeling a bit down and stuck in a rut. My session with Claire was the perfect solution. She has a keen eye, a great sense of style and a warm, sympathetic manner. I immediately felt at ease and found her advice both interesting and helpful. With her support I had the courage to get rid of certain clothes and rediscover pieces I hadn’t worn in years. Crucially, I now understand more about the colours and shapes that work best for me. I feel more inspired and confident than I have in years and would highly recommend Claire’s expertise.
I recently had a wardrobe detox with Claire. I was quite anxious beforehand but I was put immediately at ease by Claire’s friendly yet efficient approach. I found myself ruthlessly agreeing to get rid of ¾ of my wardrobe but can honestly say that I am happy with what I am left with. Claire’s aim of helping me create a “capsule” wardrobe was exactly what I wanted. She identified key pieces which can be paired and accessorised to form a number of different outfits. It’s made me realise the importance of accessories (not something I have been very good at in the past) and we now have a shopping list of key items which I need to supplement my “capsule” wardrobe. I used to be fearful of entering shops as I just didn’t feel I knew what I was doing but since Claire’s visit I have found myself actually keen to start shopping! I feel very happy and can honestly say it was the quickest 3 hours of my life! Thank you Claire!
I am so pleased I found Claire. I now have fewer clothes but more to wear! She helped me through a wardrobe detox and rid me of things I had been holding onto for far too long. She also showed me how to style what I had left and compiled a detailed breakdown of the gaps in my wardrobe. I followed this with a personal shopping experience. The most productive shopping day I have ever had. I have plugged most of the gaps and am enjoying having many outfits to wear from a lot less clothing. I am super impressed with her professionalism, efficiency and practical advice. She has definitely saved me loads of time and money and made me more stylish to boot.
After the initial nerves, Claire instantly put me at ease – it was like going through your wardrobe with your best friend! I was left with a wardrobe that works! Claire’s advice has been invaluable. I now look forward to opening my wardrobe door. The detailed report is fantastic and has meant I have shopped sensibly. I have my mojo back! Thanks Claire.
I booked a wardrobe detox and shopping trip with Claire ahead of starting a new job as I felt my work wear was in need of a major overhaul. Claire was fantastic throughout from the detailed information sheets she asked me to fill out at the start to her helpful follow-up emails with additional suggestions. She has a relaxed demeanour and wonderful way of putting you at ease whilst being professional and thoroughly knowledgeable. She doesn’t try to impose a “look” upon you but rather works with you to find the clothes that suit you best. My shopping trip was not only productive but extremely enjoyable and gave me the confidence to know what to look for in the future. Thank you Claire!
Having recently had my first baby, I had lost all confidence when buying clothes and had completely forgotten what my “style” was. In preparation for my return to work, I had a wonderful couple of days with Claire doing the wardrobe detox and personal shopping. I now have a wardrobe I’m proud of and the confidence to put different outfits together. The detox and shopping were really fun as Claire is so positive and friendly and the immense preparation by Claire means the whole process is smooth and efficient. Thanks Claire!
I received a Wardrobe Detox with Claire as a gift for my 30th birthday, and then opted to follow up with a personal shopping session (and then another one!). All I can say is I wish I had done it 5 years sooner. I was so frustrated with having a wardrobe packed full of clothes that never seemed to go together and feeling like I never had anything to wear. I was wasting so much money on panic buying more and more clothes to try and fix the problem. Since shopping with Claire I have saved so much money from not buying clothes I didn’t wear or need. I now have a much smaller wardrobe but I love each and every item in it and I get really excited to get dressed every morning. I feel and look so much better in my clothes – I was always trying to lose a bit of weight thinking that would make the difference, but what has really made the difference is wearing the right clothes, that suit me, and fit me well – and that’s all down to Claire. All my friends and family have commented on how well put together and stylish I look and I get compliments all the time. I recommend Claire to everyone I meet and am so pleased that I was introduced to her services.
My Wardrobe Detox session really was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I used to love clothes and shopping, but had found myself increasingly in a rut in terms of my confidence and appearance since hitting my 30s, and particularly since having a baby. The session with Claire has immediately has a big impact on this however and I am very grateful to her. She is warm, funny and honest, and immediately put me at my ease when she arrived at my home. I had fairly fixed ideas on what I thought did and didn’t suit me, some of which Claire confirmed, and others of which she politely dispelled. I had fully expected that many of the clothes I had accumulated in my wardrobe would end up in the charity shop, but instead she managed to salvage many of them by showing me how to style them with the addition of a few basic pieces. I already I look and feel much better. I am also sure that her advice will ultimately end up saving me a fortune – I cannot recommend her services highly enough!
After moving from Australia I had no clothes suitable to survive a London winter. I love fashion but find shopping for myself extremely stressful. Contracting Claire as my Personal Shopper took away all that anxiety. Before our shopping excursion, Claire thoroughly consulted with me about my likes, dislikes, measurements, colouring, budget and what I was hoping to achieve. Upon arrival at Westfield, Claire had a number of items at several stores ready in the dressing room for me to try on. Claire selected items that suited my style and I left with a stylish yet practical winter wardrobe. The experience was efficient, educational and most importantly…a lot of fun. I highly recommend Claire’s services and will certainly be calling upon her again to prepare for Spring.
Thank you so much. You’ve got me back feeling confident in my clothes, interested to make more of an effort and feeling relaxed that I now will always have something to wear no matter what the day or occasion. I have warned my husband that he may have created a monster as now I’ll want to go shopping!!
I’m obsessed with my new purchases – the trainers, coat and the scarves, and pretty much all of it in fact. My husband was really impressed with what we got as he said it’s ‘me but cooler’ so thank you. It was such a productive few hours together and I’d definitely like to do it again!
This year, my husband bought me the most fantastic and thoughtful present for Christmas, a wardrobe detox and shopping session with Claire. Initially I was very daunted at the prospect of someone so stylish coming to spend the morning in my bedroom looking at my boring wardrobe. However as soon as Claire arrived, she made me feel very relaxed and the three hours whizzed by. Claire got rid of lots of the clothes that I already didn’t wear or disliked but hadn’t managed to chuck, and more importantly showed me how to put other items together to make great outfits. My wardrobe was previously full of pre children office clothes, and baby stage sweatshirts and jeans. I now have a much smaller wardrobe, but I love everything in it and strangely feel like I have so much more to wear. More importantly, I now have clothes that make me feel polished and modern and have the confidence to try new styles.
Claire is superb at what she does and I recommend her highly. As my wardrobe was desperately in need of an upgrade, and as I had no time to shop, I decided to organise a shopping trip with Claire. Immediately on meeting her, I felt entirely at ease. She is a true professional and passionate about what she does. She was very efficient and organised, making the trip as productive as possible, including preselecting a number of pieces for me. Her in-depth analysis prior to our meeting was crucial and she understood perfectly what I was trying to achieve. She is very talented and managed to respect my sense of style while incorporating new and innovative elements into my wardrobe. It felt like I was shopping with a friend and I was genuinely happier and more confident after the session. She followed up with emails and additional suggestions of pieces I could add to my wardrobe. My approach has completely changed since meeting Claire and she has really reinvigorated my joy for fashion.
I felt super comfortable with Claire straight away which is quite a feat when you’re in your underwear in front of a stranger. It’s like having a (very helpful) friend come over. She is an absolute delight. She’s very honest without being brutal. I had quite a few things in my wardrobe that I wasn’t wearing and after Claire explained my body shape to me, I completely understood why. This has already saved me from buying so many items that would have gone unworn. She helped me put outfits together and I feel much more confident about doing that myself now. I love the pack at the end which goes through all the helpful guidance she gave me throughout the day. Having a list of all the extra things that would help me use everything I already have more is so helpful. The time absolutely flew by. I would recommend Claire to absolutely anyone. Her help will save you an enormous amount of time and money.
Absolutely amazing! Just before starting a new job with a new company I booked Claire for a personal shopping trip. My intention was to be taken out of my comfort zone, improve my confidence and help me make a striking first impression. Claire met the brief and then some. She’s an absolute professional and made me at ease from the start. Being initially a little nervous, I very quickly started to have fun and would go as far to say it was the most enjoyable and productive clothes shopping trip I’ve ever had! I now have a fantastic wardrobe where I can easily mix and match for different occasions. I also learnt what does and doesn’t suit me which will help me make more sensible purchases in the future. Claire also gave me advice on where to buy jeans/trousers for outside of work that suit my body shape having struggled with that for a while! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claire. Go for it!
Claire was fantastic – she came to my house for the wardrobe detox to start with and then we had a half day personal shopping a week or so later. The wardrobe detox was superb and Claire’s advice was invaluable. She then produced a brilliant report with photos on everything that we had discussed and how best to dress my body shape. The personal shopping was excellent and made the whole shopping experience so easy. I usually hate all the crowds shopping but on a Tuesday morning and with Claire having been round the store already and got everything in the changing room before I even arrived it was a breeze! Since then Claire has been great responding to any questions and she has sent me lots more links with suggestions. My wardrobe has definitely been revitalized! Would highly recommend Claire.
I’d been feeling stuck in a rut and fed up my wardrobe, and shopping in general, for some time. With the big 4-0 lurking I decided to seek some help and had Claire over for a Wardrobe Detox. It was a fantastic experience and really fun! I learnt so much about what looks and styles could suit me outside of my ‘go to’ outfits. Claire helped me part with items I’d been hanging on to for years, and it was really liberating! She helped me see how I could create many different outfits and varied looks by purchasing a few ‘missing links’. The report that Claire sent me a few days later has been invaluable and saved me from wasting money on the ‘same old’ pieces during a recent shopping trip to New York. Claire also gave me the confidence to try new things and since investing in those ‘missing links’ I am getting so much more out of my wardrobe. Thanks again Claire, I can’t recommend you highly enough.
I’ve just completed an Autumn shopping session with Claire (because the Spring trip I did with her transformed my Summer wardrobe!) and it was equally as helpful. Claire has made me think quite differently about how I shop and what I wear. I actually now spend less on clothes as I panic-buy less and I find it much easier to pack for holidays and get dressed for evenings out. She has made me think more about proportions, styles that suite my shape and my lifestyle and has also opened my eyes to styles that I didn’t think worked for me…but actually do!
I had the common issue of having a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear. I felt like I was in a bit of a style rut. Claire came and did a wardrobe detox – it was so helpful to try on all of my clothes with her expert eye to help me make new outfit combinations with my own clothes. After our session Claire sent a really useful document detailing her recommendations and included photos of me in the new outfits. She was very knowledgable about colours and shapes to suit my body type and skin tone. She has advised me to get 5 new items which she says will tie all of my outfits together – I feel like I have a new wardrobe, even though I only have a few new items! I have already recommended Claire to friends and will definitely use her again.
I had such a great and valuable day with Claire doing a wardrobe detox. I’ve had other stylists before but have found that I ended up repeating items or buying similar items I had already as they didn’t know what was already in my wardrobe. Claire really got to the grips of my style and my body and I felt really seen. We got rid of 10 years of clothes that had become stagnant and unexciting. I now wake up in the morning and am excited to open my wardrobe rather than feeling a sense of dread trying to ignore the undesirable items! Claire also writes up a report to summarise the advice she’s given plus a shopping list of the missing items in your wardrobe which is great. I’d definitely contact Claire again in the future to update the wardrobe with new fashions for new seasons. Highly recommended
I had been thinking about using a stylist for a while and so glad I chose Claire! I started with a personal shopping experience, and now have also done a wardrobe detox and a second personal shopping experience. Don’t think I will ever want to shop on my own again! Claire is so lovely, warm and friendly – she instantly puts you at ease. She has really helped me sort out my wardrobe and put together a new wardrobe that is perfectly suited to my lifestyle. I love all my new outfits and feel so much more confident and stylish. Claire sent me a great document which summarised what clothes suit me and how to wear things. She is also brilliant and sending through links of items of clothing she thinks I will like. And she achieved all this within the budget I set. Claire has really helped me to learn that I don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a great wardrobe and I am sure I have saved money by avoiding fashion mistakes! I would definitely highly recommend Claire.
I found the time I spent with you super valuable. Whilst I always felt I was comfortable knowing what suited me, it’s funny how you get into a rut of wearing the same things. I don’t think I’ve worn my ‘uniform’ of skinny jeans/ cashmere jumper/ trainers once since I saw you which is a big change. Your blog posts are great as well – I really enjoy reading them. So thank you so much for giving me exactly the push I needed.
I called in Claire, for some much-needed style advice. I felt trapped between a work wardrobe and jeans with little in the middle. My wardrobe felt dull and lifeless. Claire showed me how to dress items in my wardrobe to revive them for the office, and how to make slight adjustments for an evening out. She advised me on items that I needed to purchase, and most importantly where I could get them, she picked out items that suited my shape and took the time to explain why. I was ruthless and under her expert guidance removed all the items that didn’t suit me. Claire was thorough provided full explanations, and a full report with photos so I can refer back so I don’t make the same mistakes in the future.
Claire did an excellent job detoxing my wardrobe. Her extensive knowledge and experience of the fashion industry means she is really good at identifying outfits that suited me and those that didn’t! The advice she gave me on putting outfits together was perfect and my wardrobe is now fresh and exciting to visit. I would certainly recommend her as I now feel so much more confident in choosing clothes.

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