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y gift vouchers are the perfect present for friends or relatives. You can buy any service in full or as a contribution to one of the services I offer. These can be sent to you or your recipient directly.

Last Christmas, my husband bought me a voucher for a wardrobe detox. knew that my wardrobe was in desperate need of updating but I’m quite reserved, and I really wasn’t sure if seeing a stylist was quite ‘me’. I can honestly say the experience has been one of the best presents I have ever had. Claire immediately put me at complete ease, and I felt very comfortable trying on my clothes as she talked me through how different items work together in order to create a capsule wardrobe. Claire had researched different styles and colours that she felt would work well for me, and spent time illustrating how different accessories and footwear would compliment my outfits. She was also very honest (but kind!) in assessing a number of items in my wardrobe which either didn’t flatter me, or which were very dated, or both! Claire is very talented, and her friendly approachable style made the experience a real joy. She has restored my confidence in how to create the right look for myself, and now I cannot wait to go shopping for my new clothes!
I received a Wardrobe Detox with Claire as a gift for my 30th birthday, and then opted to follow up with a personal shopping session (and then another one!). All I can say is I wish I had done it 5 years sooner. I was so frustrated with having a wardrobe packed full of clothes that never seemed to go together and feeling like I never had anything to wear. I was wasting so much money on panic buying more and more clothes to try and fix the problem. Since shopping with Claire I have saved so much money from not buying clothes I didn’t wear or need. I now have a much smaller wardrobe but I love each and every item in it and I get really excited to get dressed every morning. I feel and look so much better in my clothes – I was always trying to lose a bit of weight thinking that would make the difference, but what has really made the difference is wearing the right clothes, that suit me, and fit me well – and that’s all down to Claire. All my friends and family have commented on how well put together and stylish I look and I get compliments all the time. I recommend Claire to everyone I meet and am so pleased that I was introduced to her services.
This year, my husband bought me the most fantastic and thoughtful present for Christmas, a wardrobe detox and shopping session with Claire. Initially I was very daunted at the prospect of someone so stylish coming to spend the morning in my bedroom looking at my boring wardrobe. However as soon as Claire arrived, she made me feel very relaxed and the three hours whizzed by. Claire got rid of lots of the clothes that I already didn’t wear or disliked but hadn’t managed to chuck, and more importantly showed me how to put other items together to make great outfits. My wardrobe was previously full of pre children office clothes, and baby stage sweatshirts and jeans. I now have a much smaller wardrobe, but I love everything in it and strangely feel like I have so much more to wear. More importantly, I now have clothes that make me feel polished and modern and have the confidence to try new styles.

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